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The beliefs of the Balinese people before the influence of Hinduism to Bali

Around prehistoric times before the arrival of the Hindu influence that developed in Bali, the people were familiar with the belief and worship system.
The following are some of the belief systems that were known to the Balinese people before the arrival of Hindu influence, namely:
1. Belief in mountains as holy places.
   Belief in the existence of mountains as holy places. The mountain is seen by the Balinese as a place for the ancestors who have been sanctified.

2. A body measurement system using a sarcophagus (coffin).
   With a burial system that uses sarcophagi or fairy corpses. Everyone who died was buried with their head toward the mountains and their feet toward the sea. This inspires us that the mountains and the sea symbolize the ulu and teben, head and feet, purusa and predana, as well as the main Mandala and nista Mandala.

3. Belief in the nature of sekala and nikala.
   Belief in the existence of the realm of scale and abstract. Sekala nature is a place for human, animal and plant life and life. Meanwhile, the natural world is the place where Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa resides along with its manifestations and the spirit of the human holy spirit who after leaving his body.

4. Belief in rebirth which is called punarbawa.
   Before the influence of Hinduism in Bali. Balinese people are familiar with the punarbawa system or repeated births. Balinese people believe that a person who leaves his gross body after a certain period of time reincarnates into this real world.

5. Belief in ancestral spirits.
   In Bali before the arrival of Hindu influence, Balinese people believed in the spirits of their ancestors. They believe that the spirit of the ancestor of the person who is responsible can provide protection, guidance and every data and check the spirituality of his generation.
That is the belief of the Balinese people before the arrival of Hindu influence to Bali, hopefully this can be useful for all of us.
Hiburan dan tradisi
Hiburan dan tradisi Nama saya I Putu Agus Aryadi Pranata Putra